«ALSENSE FLU A & B» Real-Time PCR Kit

The kit is sens­it­ive and spe­cif­ic dia­gnost­ic tool for the de­tec­tion of In­flu­enza A, In­flu­enza B. It is de­signed for re­verse tran­scrip­tion and amp­li­fic­a­tion of nuc­leic acids in one step for qu­al­it­at­ive de­tec­tion n2019-coronavir­us, In­flu­enza A, In­flu­enza B in nasophar­en­geal samples. Mul­ti­plex de­tec­tion of 3 vir­usus con­ducts in one tube with en­do­geneous in­n­er con­trol for hu­man RNAse P. The Kit is ad­ap­ted for dif­fer­ent 5-chan­nel real-time ma­chines. Fast, high sens­it­ive and trust­ful res­ults in 2 hours.