«ALPREP PRC» Depositing buffer

Item code: PP-078-240

«AL­PREP PRC» De­pos­it­ing buf­fer is de­signed for ef­fect­ive nuc­leic acids bind­ing with a car­ri­er bind­ing ma­ter­i­al. The pres­ence of hao­trop­ic sub­stances and de­ter­gents in the buf­fer leads to the bind­ing of nuc­leic acids with a car­ri­er bind­ing ma­ter­i­al. «AL­PREP PRC» is sup­plied as con­cen­trate. Be­fore the first use add iso­p­ro­pan­ol (100%), as writ­ten on the bottle.

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* Depositing buffer «ALPREP PRC» is an additional component for «QIAamp 96 DNA QIAcube HT Kit» (cat. number: 51331)