«CleanCheck DNA-RNA Free Plastic» Real-Time PCR kit

Item code: CСNAP-24 | CСNAP-48 

«CleanCheck DNA-RNA Free Plastic» Real-Time PCR kit is designed to detect DNA and RNA trace amounts.

«CleanCheck DNA-RNA Free Plastic» Real-Time PCR kit is used for:

  • Testing and quality control of plastic products for the purpose of labeling «DNA, RNA Free».
  • Detection of DNA and RNA trace amounts during quality control on all types of surfaces, solutions and reagents, plastic consumables and accessories, equipment, furniture and instruments.
  • Applicable for the control of reagents and plastic consumables for the detection of human DNA and RNA trace amounts.

Advantages of the Real-Time PCR kit

  • No laborious procedure for nucleic acid isolation is necessary.
  • Ability to detect DNA/RNA on various surfaces, clothing, equipment, and reagents.
  • Detection of contamination localization.
  • Time of analysis: 3 hours.
  • No need to purchase new equipment.
  • Sensitivity of DNA/RNA trace contaminants detection from 2 copies in the studied sample.
«CleanCheck DNA-RNA Free Plastic» reagent kit