«ALMASS Bio 3K» Reagent Kit

Item code: MB-008-3000

«AL­MASS Bio 3K» Re­agent Kit and «AL­MASS Bio Standart», «AL­MASS Bio Mat­rix», «AL­MASS Bio Solvent» re­agents * are in­ten­ded for cal­ib­ra­tion of masses ac­cord­ing to the typ­ic­al pro­tein pro­file of Es­cheri­chia coli bac­teria of the mass-spec­tro­met­er AL­MASS Bio («AL­MASS Bio 60», «AL­MASS Bio 200») man­u­fac­tured by Al­gimed Techno LLC and sim­il­ar MALDI-TOF sys­tems (in­clud­ing for cal­ib­ra­tion of Mi­croflex mass spec­tro­met­er man­u­fac­tured by Bruker Dalton­ics Inc., Ger­many) ** in in vitro

* «AL­MASS Bio Standart», «AL­MASS Bio Solvent», «AL­MASS Bio Mat­rix» re­agents can be used sep­ar­ately.

** Cal­ib­ra­tion of oth­er man­u­fac­tur­ers’ MALDI-TOF sys­tems may re­quire manu­al ad­apt­a­tion of the cal­ib­ra­tion mass sheet.

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«ALMASS Bio Standart» re­agent is a pur­i­fied pro­tein ex­tract of Es­cheri­chia coli DH5 alfa strain that demon­strates a typ­ic­al pro­tein pro­file of the bac­teri­um in mass spec­tro­met­ers and is used for mass cal­ib­ra­tion.

«ALMASS Bio Matrix» reagent (α-cy­ano-4-hy­droxy-cin­nam­ic acid, CHCA) is used as a mat­rix for the «AL­MASS Bio Standart» re­agent and ana­lyzed samples, provid­ing re­duced de­struct­ive ef­fects of laser ra­di­a­tion dur­ing ana­lys­is.

«ALMASS Bio Solvent» re­agent is a solvent for «AL­MASS Bio Standart» and «AL­MASS Bio Mat­rix» re­agents.