«ALPREP Forensic» Extraction Kit

Item code: PF-066-100

«ALPREP Forensic» Extraction Kit is de­signed to ex­tract DNA from most types of forensic samples for sub­sequent PCR ana­lys­is.

Pro­fes­sion­al use for re­search pur­poses, in spe­ci­al­ized labor­at­or­ies of forensic ex­am­in­a­tion in­sti­tu­tions / forensic or­gan­iz­a­tions.

The ma­ter­i­als for the DNA ex­trac­tion in­cludes:

  • dry and wet blood stains, se­men, buc­c­al and skin epitheli­al cells or tis­sues col­lec­ted on cot­ton buds, pa­per and oth­er me­dia;
  • frag­ments of hair with bulbs;
  • nail plates;
  • subun­gual con­tents;
  • soft tis­sues (in­clud­ing form­al­in-fixed and par­affin-em­bed­ded);
  • epitheli­al and sperm frac­tions (after dif­fer­en­tial lys­is);
  • ad­hes­ive ma­ter­i­als (ad­hes­ive tapes, post­age stamps, en­velope flaps, ci­gar­ette butts, chew­ing gum);
  • blood on soil particles;
  • bone samples.

«ALPREP Forensic» Extraction Kit is de­signed to ex­tract DNA from 100 bio­lo­gic­al samples.

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The kits are certified for the absence of foreign DNA/RNA of various etiologies, the absence of DNases/RNases in a testing laboratory certified according to ISO 17025.

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