«ALPREP Spin Blood Auto» Reagent kit

Item code: PS-074A-480

«AL­PREP Spin Blood Auto» Re­agent kit is de­signed for ob­tain­ing DNA pre­par­a­tions from blood samples. The op­era­tion prin­ciple of the kit is based on the auto­mat­ic DNA puri­fic­a­tion from blood samples.

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Spe­ci­mens. Whole blood samples treated with such an­ti­co­agu­lants as cit­rate, EDTA, he­par­in are suit­able for the study. Both fresh and frozen samples can be used. The yield and qu­al­ity of pur­i­fied DNA de­pends on the st­or­age condi­tions.

Ana­lyt­ic­al char­ac­terist­ics. «AL­PREP Spin Blood Auto» Re­agent kit provides DNA ex­trac­tion with pur­ity (A260/A280 ra­tio) at least 1.8; the amount of DNA ex­trac­ted is at least 2-10 mcg.

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