«CleanCheck Alkali» Rapid Test

Item code: CC1-099-100 | CC2-099-100

Indicator for the rapid determination of residual alkaline detergents (residual alkalinity) on various surfaces. «CleanCheck Alkali» is a quick and convenient way to evaluate the cleaning quality.

Detergents and disinfectants based on alkaline components are widely used nowadays. Such detergents have good cleaning properties against protein and grease contaminants, but require careful rinsing. The final stage of cleaning and disinfection processes is the control of complete removal of detergent residues from the surfaces to be cleaned. When using CIP cleaning technology, the residual alkalinity is determined in the rinse water.

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To test it, simply run the swab over the surface to be tested and then apply an indicator to it. A pink color indicates the presence of alkali residues. Reagent does not contact with the surface, so it is completely safe and does not require additional washing.

  • Monitoring the residual content of alkaline detergents and disinfectants on the surface of equipment and containers in the food industry.
  • Determination of alkaline detergent and disinfectant residues in rinse water for CIP cleaning.
  • Rapid pre-sterilization cleaning control to verify the removal of alkaline-based detergent and disinfectant residues.
Набор реагентов «CleanCheck Alkali» (схема)
Detection limit: 25 mg/l of alkali (NaOH)