NOVAprep® miR-Cervix reagent kit

Item code: CERVIX-12 | CERVIX-48A | CERVIX-48M | CERVIX-96A | CERVIX-96M

The NOVAprep® miR-Cervix reagent kit is designed to detect precancerous conditions and cervical cancer by RT-PCR in biological material. It is possible to combine this method with the traditional diagnostic ones. The kit operation principle is based on the epigenetics, i.e. the study of stable changes in the genome inherited during cell divisions and, in some cases, between generations, but not determined by nucleotide sequences in DNA, by miRNA profiling in the patients’ cervical tissues.

Currently, the NOVAprep® miR-Cervix reagent kit has the CE-IVD status, according to the Directive 98/79/EC of the European Parliament on in vitro diagnostic medical devices, which confirms the safety of medical devices and compliance with European Union quality standards. NOVAprep® miR-Cervix has been tested for clinical efficiency, safety and quality at the N.N. Petrov National Medicine Research Center of oncology.

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