Deep Well Plate (96 wells)

Item code: PP-079-5 | PP-079-50 | PP-079S-5 | PP-079S-50 | PP-079DRF-5 | PP-079DRF-50

Deep Well Plates are used for the isolation of nucleic acids, proteins and other compounds from various biological materials, placement and storage of solutions, and magnetic separation of cells. Solvent-resistant polypropylene plates are also suitable for the preparation, storage, screening, analysis and culture of bacteria or yeast.

The plates are used both when working with automated plate-type stations for isolating nucleic acids from various biological materials, and when carrying out manual manipulations during the extraction and purification of DNA and RNA.

Plates are recommended for use when high chemical resistance, reduced sample binding, centrifugation, long-term storage or use at extreme temperatures are required. (The tablets) Plates are suitable for a variety of sealing films and foils.

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Nomenclature and part numbers

Single-packed non-sterile plates

  • 5 non-sterile plate – PP-079-5;
  • 50 non-sterile plate – PP-079-50.

Single-packed sterile plates

  • 5 sterile plates – PP-079S-5;
  • 50 sterile plates – PP-079S-50.

DNA-RNA free plates

  • 5 plates without DNA/RNA – PP-079S-5;
  • 50 plates without DNA/RNA – PP-079S-50.