«ALPREP-2» Extraction Kit

Item code: AL-PREP2-96

«ALPREP-2» Extraction Kit is based on the reversible binding of nucleic acid molecules with the surface of magnetic beads. The sample is treated with a lysis buffer in the presence of magnetic beads. As a result, cell membranes, viral membranes and other biopolymer complexes are destroyed and nucleic acids are released. Dissolved nucleic acid binds to the magnetic beads, while other components of the lysed biological material remain in the solution and are removed after magnetic precipitation on a magnetic rack followed by several washing steps. When an elution buffer is added to magnetic beads, nucleic acids are eluted from the surface of the magnetic beads into solution, which is then separated from the beads by magnetic force. As a result of this procedure, a highly purified DNA (RNA) sample is obtained, free of PCR-inhibitors, which ensures high analytical sensitivity of the PCR study.

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Analytical characteristics
  • Genomic DNA and RNA, including human, animal.
  • Pasmid/bacterial DNA.
  • Viral DNA and RNA.
  • Animal DNA and RNA.
  • PCR products (amplicons).
  • cDNA.
Video instruction for using the kit «ALPREP-2»