«ALPYR Water» 50 ml for BET

Item code: PW003-50

«ALPYR Wa­ter» 50 ml for bac­teri­al en­do­tox­in test (BET) is used for the LAL-re­agent re­con­sti­tu­tion, the en­do­tox­in con­trol stand­ard, for sample di­lu­tions and med­ic­al devices rins­ing.

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LAL Re­agent wa­ter «ALPYR Wa­ter» 50 ml meet the re­quire­ments for WFI, and con­tains bac­teri­al en­do­tox­ins in a quant­ity of less than 0.005 EU/ml. LAL Re­agent wa­ter qu­al­ity con­trol is done by the kin­et­ic chro­mo­gen­ic method, us­ing re­agents and soft­ware. The bac­teri­al en­do­tox­ins con­tent in­dex is in­dic­ated in the cer­ti­fic­ate for each lot of LAL re­agent wa­ter «ALPYR Wa­ter».

Sup­plied in vi­als of 30, 50 and 100 ml