«ALVETMUC» Sampling kit

Item code: AL-MUC-V

«ALVETMUC» Sampling kit is designed for taking smears from the external and internal surfaces of food packaging, containers and the products themselves for subsequent testing for the SARS-CoV-2 RNA presence.

Sampling procedure

Use the transport medium from the kit, which is supplied in an individual 1 ml tube for each sample, to take samples from food, the external and internal surfaces of packaging of food products, containers for transportation and storage. The transport medium contains substances that neutralize residual amounts of disinfectants, which prevent the PCR from proceeding due to inhibiting properties.

Smear sampling procedure

  • Before taking wipe samples, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and put on sterile, powder-free gloves over the gloves included in the PPE kit.
  • Label the tubes with the transport medium.
  • Remove the swab from the package, avoiding touching the tip.
  • Open the tube with the transport medium and thoroughly moisten the tip of the swab probe. Take a swab from the surface to be examined by moving the swab-probe in at least two different directions, with an average pressure on the probe and turning the swab in the hands with “winding movements”.
  • The surface area for taking a smear should be at least 25 cm2, if the surface is complex, it is recommended to take a smear from the largest possible area. During taking the smear, complete drying of the tip is not allowed. To control large areas, it is possible to take several smears from one sampling area. Multiple swabs may be required for each sampling area to increase the positive predictive value of the environmental sampling process.
  • It is forbidden to merge smears from different areas into one tube, as this may reduce the viral load.
  • After taking a smear, the working part of the swab is placed in a tube with a transport medium marked in a corresponding way. Break off the end of the swab so that the tube is tightly closed.
  • The test tubes with the transport medium are packed in individual tight-fitting plastic zip bags. It is possible to combine several samples from one sampling zone into one package.