«ALG-CASEIN A1/A2» Real-Time PCR kit

Item code: SC-042-100 | SC-042-1000

«ALG-CA­SEIN A1/A2» Real-Time PCR kit is de­signed to identi­fy al­lel­ic vari­ants of the beta-ca­sein gene (β-CNA1 and β-CNA2) of Bos taur­us to form a pros­perous group of highly pro­duct­ive cattle dairy. The kit is re­com­men­ded for the iden­ti­fic­a­tion of ho­mo­zyg­ous an­im­al gen­o­types with their sub­sequent sort­ing and se­lec­tion of an­im­als in­to sep­ar­ate herds for the pro­duc­tion of milk A2 and the ex­clu­sion of milk A1.

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«ALG-CA­SEIN A1/A2» Real-Time PCR kit in­cludes all the ne­ces­sary com­pon­ents for real-time PCR: pos­it­ive, neg­at­ive and in­tern­al con­trol, wa­ter, buf­fers and en­zymes.

We ex­press our grat­it­ude for the joint de­vel­op­ment and val­id­a­tion of stud­ies on an­im­al samples to the em­ploy­ees of the Cen­ter for Ge­net­ics and Re­pro­duc­tion (a branch of Al­gimed Techno LLC). Ser­vices for gen­o­typ­ing of cattle to identi­fy A1 and A2 an­im­als can be ordered on the web­s­ite – https://labgen.by/