«ALMUNO Bluetongue ELISA» reagent kit

Item code: MBT221201-192 | MBT221201-480

«ALMUNO Bluetongue ELISA» reagent kit for the detection of specific antibodies against all serotypes of Bluetongue virus in serum or blood plasma of goats, sheep and bovine by ELISA.

Bluetongue (catarrhal fever) is an infectious viral disease affecting sheep, goats, bovine and wild ruminants with high mortality among sheep. Clinical signs include intense inflammation that first affects the head, with high fever, swelling of the face and tongue, and bleeding mucosal ulcers. In the most severe cases, the tongue may turn blue. Spreading to other parts of the body causes severe muscle damage with a mortality rate of up to 15%.

Bluetongue virus (BTV) is an RNA-containing virus of the Orbivirus genus of the Reoviridae family, transmitted by biting midges of the Culicoides genus. The virus spread is limited to the geographic regions inhabited by these insects, from 40° north latitude to 35° south latitude. Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease virus (EHDV), a member of the Orbivirus genus, causes similar symptoms. Making an accurate diagnosis is key to choosing the right strategy to prevent widespread outbreaks and economic losses.

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Serologic ELISA testing accurately detects BTV-specific antibodies without cross-reactivity between BTV and EHDV serogroups.

Reagent kits of product form 1 are designed for 192 samples, including control samples. Reagent kits of product form 2 are designed for 480 samples, including control samples.

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