«ALG-CASEIN A1/A2 MAX» reagent kit

Item code: SC-046A-96 | SC-046M-96

«ALG-CA­SEIN A1/A2 MAX» – com­plete re­agent kit, in­cludes re­agents for all stages of the study: samples prelys­is, DNA ex­trac­tion and poly­merase chain re­ac­tion (PCR). The re­agent kit is de­signed to study 96 samples.

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The re­agent kit is de­signed to identi­fy the al­leles A1 and A2 of the gene β-ca­sein of cattle in the ma­ter­i­al of car­til­age, blood, sperm and whole milk samples by PCR with real-time fluor­es­cent de­tec­tion, and to identi­fy the per­centage of al­leles in whole milk samples. «ALG-CA­SEIN A1/A2 MAX» re­agent kit in­cludes all the ne­ces­sary com­pon­ents for real-time PCR: pos­it­ive, neg­at­ive and in­tern­al con­trol, wa­ter, buf­fers and en­zymes.

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We express our gratitude for the joint development and validation of studies on animal samples to the employees of the Center for Genetics and Reproduction (a branch of Algimed Techno LLC). Services for genotyping of cattle to identify A1 and A2 animals can be ordered on the website – https://labgen.by/.