«ALPREP-5» Extraction Kit

Item code: AL-PREP5-96

«AL­PREP‑5» Ex­trac­tion Kit for the auto­mated nuc­leic acid ex­trac­tion from nasopharyn­geal swabs/washes and bron­cheal­ve­ol­ar lav­age aimed to de­tect SARS-CoV-2 vir­us RNA.

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Analytical characteristics
  • AlgimedPREP extraction kit is used at the preanalytical stage of the analysis of clinical samples.
  • Purity of extracted DNA/RNA (A260/A280 ratio) is at least 1.7 for biological samples.
  • The efficiency of DNA/RNA extraction is ranged from 30 up to 70% (at least 30%).
  • The obtained purified DNA/RNA sample can be used for subsequent analysis by PCR, RT-PCR and their variations.
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