Research and production company in Belarus


Our team

Algimed Techno, LLC was created as an ideological development of expert sales in the biological sphere conducted by group of companies Algimed. Algimed Techno team put together research, curiosity and innovation.

We cherish our Customers, that is why we not only manufacture quality products, but also advise on their practical application. Customer feedback is the most valuable operating indicator for us. We are always happy to receive proposals, so we can tailor better products to you. 


Our mission is to manufacture high quality products at a fair price. Our strategy is to provide fine analytical activities, accumulate knowledge, carry out a critical analysis and adjust the manufacturing directions.


We don’t limit company’s activities to only one direction and plan to cover a wide range of technologies applied in medicine, biotechnology, scientific and applied researches over time.
To date, we manufacture the following product lines:

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