Research and production biotechnology company in Belarus


Научно-производственная биотехнологическая компания в РБ | Альгимед Техно

Our team

Al­gimed Techno, LLC was cre­ated as an ideo­lo­gic­al de­vel­op­ment of ex­pert sales in the bio­lo­gic­al sphere con­duc­ted by group of com­pan­ies Al­gimed. Al­gimed Techno team put to­geth­er re­search, curi­os­ity and in­nova­tion.

We cherish our Cus­tomers, that is why we not only man­u­fac­ture qu­al­ity products, but also ad­vise on their practic­al ap­plic­a­tion. Cus­tomer feed­back is the most valu­able op­erat­ing in­dic­at­or for us. We are al­ways happy to re­ceive pro­pos­als, so we can tail­or bet­ter products to you.


Our mis­sion is to man­u­fac­ture high qu­al­ity products at a fair price. Our strategy is to provide fine ana­lyt­ic­al activ­it­ies, ac­cu­mu­late know­ledge, carry out a crit­ic­al ana­lys­is and ad­just the man­u­fac­tur­ing dir­ec­tions.


We don’t lim­it com­pany’s activ­it­ies to only one dir­ec­tion and plan to cover a wide range of tech­no­lo­gies ap­plied in medi­cine, bi­o­tech­no­logy, sci­entif­ic and ap­plied re­searches over time.

To date, we manufacture the following product lines:

  • ALMUNO – ELISA-kits and Antibody-based Solutions.
  • ALMASS – Mass spectrometry solutions.
  • ALMIR – miRNA profiling kit.
  • ALPREP – Sample Preparation Kit and Reagents for PCR-laboratories: extraction and purification kit for DNA, RNA, proteins, pre-lysis kits, competents cells.
  • ALPYR – Endotoxin and Pyrogen Detection Test (LAL, MAT).
  • ALSENSE – PCR-kits.
  • ALSEPT – «ALSEPT with cactus aroma» spray & «ALSEPT with rosemary and cucumber aroma» spray.
  • ALZYME – High-perfomance enzymes.
  • ALPLAST – Plastic consumables & Deep Well Plates.
  • CLEANCHECK – Contamination Detection Kits (Hygenic and Sanitary control).
  • NOVAPREP – NOVAPREP Solutions for Cervical Cancer Screening and Diagnostics.
  • Equipment – Equipment («Vision 90» x‑ray machine).
  • Labware – Sampling kits.

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