LAL-test, the modern method of determining drugs pyrogenicity, has become commonly used in recent years. The method is based on the ability of swordfish blood cell components to interact with the bacterial endotoxins, the the most powerful and widespread pyrogens.

The use of labware and other accessories that do not contain bacterial endotoxins in the quantities determined in the test is crucial for the LAL test implementation.

All reagents and materials used shall not affect the reaction with LAL reagent. That is why it is very important to use labware and materials classified as pyrogen-free. Labware and other materials self-preparation is time-consuming and requires preliminary quality control testing for endotoxins. The use of ready-made accessory products already tested for bacterial endotoxins absence saves a lot of time.

Algimed Techno offers to buy depyrogenated test tubes and LAL reagent water tested for bacterial endotoxins absence by the kinetic chromogenic method.

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