«PRELYSIS KIT» Reagent kit

Item code: PP-035-96

«PRELYS­IS KIT» Reagent kit is de­signed for pre­lim­in­ary lys­is of car­til­age tis­sue and whole blood samples of vari­ous an­im­al spe­cies. The res­ult­ing lys­ate is used for nuc­leic acid ex­trac­tion us­ing AL­PREP/AL­VET­PREP kits. The kit is in­ten­ded for use in re­search pur­poses.

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Operating principle

«PRELYSIS KIT» operating principle involves carrying out the enzymatic treatment of biological samples (cartilage tissue, blood) with proteinase K in a denaturing buffer (prelysis buffer), followed by the addition of a sorbing buffer together with a magnetic sorbent, which allows you to adjust the conditions and intensity of nucleic acid sorption.