«ALMUNO BLV ELISA» reagent kit

Item code: MBL221201-192 | MBL221201-480

«ALMUNO BLV ELISA» reagent kit for the detection of specific antibodies against Bovine Leukemia Virus in bovine serum or plasma by ELISA.

Bovine Leukemia is a chronic slow disease of tumor nature. The causative agent is bovine leukemia virus belonging to the Retroviridae family. The disease is accompanied by damage to the organs of the hematopoietic system, the appearance of an increased number of lymphocytes in the blood, sometimes tumor-like damage to organs and tissues of the body. There are three stages of the disease – incubatory (up to 7 years), hematological and tumoral

The virus transmission occurs through blood, milk, biological fluids, objects containing lymphoid cells of the animal, and semen of bovine leukemia patients. An animal can be infected at any age, including the embryonic stage, and remains infected for life because the virus is in the lymphocytes where it cannot be neutralized by antibodies circulating in the blood.

Reduced quality and quantity of dairy and meat products, the cost of anti-leukemia measures, and export restrictions (requirement for leukemia-free certification) lead to significant losses.

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The long incubation (latent) period and asymptomatic course of the disease lead to the impossibility of timely diagnosis based on clinical signs alone. At the same time, an infected animal is a source of the pathogen and can infect other animals.

Infection with the leukemia virus causes a sustained antibody response. They can be detected 3-16 weeks after infection and are present in serum and milk. The most easily detectable are antibodies against the glycoprotein gp51 in the virus envelope.

The use of laboratory diagnostic methods (serological testing) allows timely detection and isolation of infected animals, as well as confirming the absence of leukemia in the herd.

Reagent kits of product form 1 are designed for 192 samples, including control samples. Reagent kits of product form 2 are designed for 480 samples, including control samples.

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