«ELISA AG SARS-CoV-2» reagent kit

Item code: E-1-AG-96 / E-2-AG-96

«ELISA AG SARS-CoV‑2» reagent kit is in­ten­ded for the de­tec­tion of the SARS CoV‑2 an­ti­gen (nuc­leo­capsid pro­tein) in clin­ic­al samples (nasopharyn­geal swab, oro­pharyn­geal swab) for the dia­gnos­is of coronavir­us disease (COVID-19), dif­fer­en­tial dia­gnos­is of the acute res­pir­at­ory in­fec­tion eti­o­logy. The kit is in­ten­ded for in vitro use only.

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The spe­cif­ic SARS-CoV‑2 nuc­leo­capsid pro­tein makes up the largest pro­por­tion of the vir­us’s struc­tur­al pro­teins of the and is the most abund­ant pro­tein in in­fec­ted cells. Based on the in­form­a­tion on the con­tent of this an­ti­gen in the clin­ic­al samples of pa­tients it is pos­s­ible to draw con­clu­sions about:

  • The presence of coronavirus infection (COVID-19).
  • Effectiveness of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) therapy.
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