«ALMASS Bio» reagent kit, «ALMASS Bio Matrix» configuration

Item code: МВ-021М-9000

«ALMASS Bio» configuration:

«ALMASS Bio» reagent kit, in «ALMASS Bio Matrix» configuration is intended for sample preparation of microorganisms of 3-4 pathogenicity groups, isolated from clinical samples, when determining their species affiliation, and for calibration of MALDI-TOFMS mass spectrometers as an auxiliary tool for in vitro diagnostics of infectious diseases of the population.

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«ALMASS Bio» reagent kit, in «ALMASS Bio Matrix» configuration contains the following components: «ALMASS Bio Solvent» reagent, «ALMASS Bio Matrix» reagent.

  • «ALMASS Bio Matrix» reagent (α-cyano-4-hydroxycinnamic acid, CHCA) is used as a matrix for «ALMASS Bio Standart» reagent and analyzed samples, providing reduction of laser radiation destructive effect during analysis.
  • «ALMASS Bio Solvent» reagent is a solvent for «ALMASS Bio Standart» and «ALMASS Bio Matrix» reagents.