«CleanСheck-G» Rapid Test

Item code: СС-G-TU-01-100

«CleanСheck-G» Rap­id Test is de­signed for quick qu­al­it­at­ive de­term­in­a­tion of trace amount or­gan­ic sub­stances (pro­teins, fats, car­bo­hy­drates and oth­er re­du­cing sub­stances), al­kali wash­ing de­ter­gents on vari­ous sur­faces, onto in­stru­ments and con­sum­ables. Fast res­ults al­low you to make a de­ci­sion on ad­di­tion­al clean­ing / disin­fec­tion without wait­ing for the res­ults of mi­cro­bi­o­lo­gic­al con­trol.

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For in vitro use only. The sens­it­iv­ity of the re­agent kit is less than 25 µg of the pro­tein. This de­tec­tion threshold was de­term­ined by the ca­sein pro­tein. Con­ver­sion to oth­er pro­teins and a dir­ect quant­it­at­ive cor­rela­tion between the in­dic­at­or dye in­tens­ity and the num­ber of pro­teins is not pos­s­ible.

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