«ALSENSE Erwinia amylovora qPCR kit»

Item code: SEA-075-24 | SEA-075-96

«AL­SENSE Er­win­ia amylo­vora qPCR kit» for the de­tec­tion of Er­win­ia amylo­vora by qPCR method is de­signed for the de­tec­tion of spe­cif­ic Er­win­ia amylo­vora DNA by PCR us­ing Taq­Man tech­no­logy in nuc­leic acid pre­par­a­tions.

Er­win­ia amylo­vora is the caus­at­ive agent of bac­teri­al blight, the most dan­gerous nec­rot­ic plant disease of the Ros­aceae fam­ily. Rap­id spread­ing of the bac­teria through the tis­sues of the host can cause the death of entire trees dur­ing a single grow­ing sea­son. In­fest­a­tion of flowers by E. amylo­vora can sig­ni­fic­antly re­duce yield and mar­ket­ab­il­ity. The phyto­patho­gen is a quar­ant­ine ob­ject for the Re­publ­ic of Be­larus, coun­tries of the Eur­asi­an Eco­nom­ic Uni­on and coun­tries of the European and Medi­ter­ranean Plant Pro­tec­tion Or­gan­iz­a­tion (EPPO A2 list).

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Application field: The kit is suitable for research purposes.

Пример положительного результата ПЦР с использованием набора реагентов «ALSENSE Erwinia amylovora ПЦР-РВ».

An example of a positive PCR result using «AL­SENSE Er­win­ia amylo­vora qPCR kit».