Deep Well Plate (96 wells)

Item code: ALDW-96

The solvent resistant polypropylene Deep Well Plate is ideal for preparing, storing, screening, assaying and inoculating bacteria or yeast. Superior centrifugation force ensures better performance and recovery. The Deep Well Plate is suitable for a variety of sealing films and foils.

The Deep Well Plate is recommended for use when high chemical resistance, reduced sample binding, centrifugation, long term storage or use at extreme temperatures are required. The plates are made of pure polypropylene to minimize extractables.

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Nomenclature and part numbers

Single-packed sterile plates

  • 1 sterile plate – ALDW-96-S-1;
  • 5 sterile plates – ALDW-96-S-5;
  • 25 sterile plates – ALDW-96-S-25;
  • 50 sterile plates – ALDW-96-S-50.

Single-packed non-sterile plates

  • 1 non-sterile plate – ALDW-96-1;
  • 5 non-sterile plate – ALDW-96-5;
  • 25 non-sterile plate – ALDW-96-25;
  • 50 non-sterile plate – ALDW-96-50.