NOVAprep® diagnostic kits and equipment are approved in the EU!

NOVAprep® diagnostic kits and equipment are approved in the EU!

Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer among women worldwide (according to WHO). Cervical cancer screening is important to detect the condition on early stages when treatment is most effective.

Conventional Pap smear test has long been used as a standard method for precancerous and cancerous cervical lesions screening. Material for the test is collected from the cervix using cytobrush or Ayre spatula, then applied and fixed on the slide. Normal results of the test are not always indicators of healthy tissues, as its sensitivity is less than 70%.

Liquid cytology increases smear sensitivity by improving sampling and preparation processes. In addition, the fixative solution allows to use of the remaining material for other diagnostic procedures, in particular for HPV DNA detection.

NOVAprep® has clinical sensitivity of 95%, clinical specificity of 92%, analytical sensitivity of 95% and analytical specificity of 100%.

Cervical cancer is severe and, unfortunately, quite common at the present time. However, early diagnosis of changes in the cervical mucous membrane can prevent it. Algimed Techno uses the potential of this innovative technology to help women save their reproductive health. The company aims to make this fatal disease obsolete one day.

Sapun Anastasiya, Deputy Director for Innovative Development of Algimed Techno LLC

NOVAprep® is based on sedimentation and passive filtering methods. With this approach, all cell material from the cytobrush enters the fixative solution and then can be used for smear preparation. The cells under the action of gravity settle in the lower part of the sample, from where the material is taken.

The automated system NOVAprep® NPS Processor System allows the most gentle cytological sampling and the retention of cells for repeated analysis.

In addition to increasing research efficiency, the NOVAprep® kit reduces laboratory costs by simplifying processes and reducing the number of consumables used.