«CleanCheck Remover» Decontamination solution

Item code: CCR-102-250 | CCR-102-350 | CCR-102-500 | CCR-102-750 | CCR-102-900 | CCR-102-1000 | CCR-102-3000 | CCR-102-5000

«CleanCheck Remover» Decontamination solution is a highly effective and fast-acting product for decontaminating work at any type of surfaces, equipment and tools. It can be used both in case of contamination that has already occurred, and for its prevention.

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Application field

A decontamination agent is used in research and industrial laboratories for treating work surfaces, equipment, instruments, and stainless steel surfaces.


  • Effectively destroys DNA/RNA fragments regardless of size in one-step;
  • Does not contain aggressive chemicals;
  • Does not cause corrosion of the body and internal parts of the equipment;
  • Provides effective decontamination in 15 minutes;
  • Can be used at any type of working surfaces, equipment and tools;
  • Does not leave any prints in surfaces;
  • Fragrance-free;
  • Treats surfaces without inhibiting PCR.