«AL­SENSE Forensic Quanti­fy» Real-Time PCR Kit for hu­man DNA quant­ity and sex determination

«ALSENSE Forensic Quantify» Real-Time PCR Kit is based on a real-time poly­merase chain re­ac­tion with hy­brid­iz­a­tion-fluor­es­cence de­tec­tion us­ing Taq­Man-spe­cif­ic probes.

Re­agent kit is in­ten­ded for use in forensics, as well as PCR stud­ies in bio­logy and medicine.

Re­agent kit is de­signed to de­term­ine, es­tim­ate the amount of hu­man ge­n­om­ic DNA and sex by real-time poly­merase chain re­ac­tion in hu­man bio­lo­gic­al material.

Amp­li­fic­a­tion of multi-copy auto­somal frag­ments of dif­fer­ent sizes al­lows a re­li­able DNA assess­ment in the stud­ied sample, and amp­li­fic­a­tion of a multi-copy Y chro­mo­some frag­ment – sex determination.

The table shows the targets and dyes used:

Product Components
Autosomal DNA  VIC 
Y chromosome DNA  FAM 

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«ALSENSE Forensic Quantify» Real-Time PCR Kit

DNA con­cen­tra­tions are de­term­ined us­ing a cal­ib­ra­tion line plot­ted against four points with the fol­low­ing concentrations:

50 ng/​µl, 2 ng/​µl, 0.08 ng/​µl, 0.0032 ng/​µl.

«ALSENSE Forensic Quantify» Real-Time PCR Kit