«AL­SENSE Forensic Quanti­fy Plus» Real-Time PCR Kit for hu­man DNA quant­ity, its de­grad­a­tion and sex determination

Item code: AL-FORQUA‑P

«ALSENSE Forensic Quantify Plus» Real-Time PCR Kit is based on a real-time polymerase chain reaction with hybridization-fluorescence detection using TaqMan-specific probes.

Reagent kit is intended for use in forensics, as well as PCR studies in biology and medicine.

Reagent kit is designed to determine, estimate the amount and degradation degree of human genomic DNA and sex by real-time polymerase chain reaction in human biological material.

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Amplification of multi-copy autosomal fragments of different sizes allows a reliable assessment of the amount and quality of DNA in the studied sample, and amplification of a multi-copy Y chromosome fragment – sex determination.

The short autosomal DNA fragment (aS) is used to determine the concentration of total DNA in the test sample.

The long autosomal DNA fragment (aL) is used to determine the degree of DNA degradation in the test sample. The ratio of short and long autosomal fragment concentrations obtained in the course of PCR can be used to judge the degradation of DNA in the sample.