«ALSENSE Casein A1/A2 MAX Auto» Reagent kit

Item code: SC-046А-96

«ALSENSE Casein A1/A2 MAX Auto» - complete reagent kit, includes reagents for all stages of the study: samples prelysis, automated DNA extraction and polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The reagent kit is designed to study 96 samples.

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The reagent kit is designed to identify the alleles A1 and A2 of the gene β-casein of cattle in the material of cartilage, blood, sperm and whole milk samples by PCR with real-time fluorescent detection, and to identify the percentage of alleles in whole milk samples. «ALSENSE Casein A1/A2 MAX Auto» reagent kit includes all the necessary components for real-time PCR: positive, negative and internal control, water, buffers and enzymes.

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We express our gratitude for the joint development and validation of studies on animal samples to the employees of the Center for Genetics and Reproduction (a branch of Algimed Techno LLC). Services for genotyping of cattle to identify A1 and A2 animals can be ordered on the website – https://labgen.by/.