«AL-TUBE» depyrogenated test tubes

Item code: AL1075 | AL1275 | AL13100 

«AL-TUBE» depyrogenated test tubes are used for analysis and dilution procedure. Tubes are packed into two layers of foil. An application guide is attached to each package. Test tubes 10x75 mm are used for the gel-clot endotoxin test. Test tubes 13x100 mm and 12x75 mm are used for dilution procedure by any of the pharmacopoeia methods. All test tubes used in the LAL test are to be sterile and depyrogenated (shall not contain bacterial endotoxins in the quantities determined in the test).

Algimed Techno offers LAL depyrogenated test tubes of all basic sizes currently presented on the market. Test tubes are packed into two layers of foil and are depyrogenized at a temperature of 250 °C within 1 hour. The content of bacterial endotoxins in test tubes AL-TUBE is less than 0.005 EEA/​ml. Test tubes quality control is done by the kinetic chromogenic method using reagents and software manufactured by Lonza, USA.