«ALPREP-Plasmid» Extraction kit

Item code: Plasmid‑1 | Plasmid‑2

«ALPREP-Plasmid» Extraction kit combines advanced chemistry and magnetic adsorbtion for plasmid DNA purification from bacterial culture for manual and robotic processing. High yields and purity of extracted plasmid DNA provides possibility to use it in PCR, cloning, restriction enzyme digestion.


  • The kit is used to isol­ate plas­mid DNA from a li­quid bac­teri­al culture.
  • Kit com­pon­ents provide com­plete re­mov­al of salts, pro­teins, RNA and oth­er cel­lu­lar components.
  • Ob­tained DNA is char­ac­ter­ized by a high de­gree of purity.
  • The kit al­lows elu­tion of plas­mid DNA in a volume of 30 to 100 µl.
  • Ef­fi­ci­ency of plas­mid DNA ex­trac­tion with this kit is > 85% .
  • Plas­mid DNA yield up to 20 µg.
  • The pro­tocol time is 30 minutes.