«ALPREP-Gel» reagent kit

Item code: Gel‑1 | Gel‑2

«ALPREP-Gel» reagent kit is designed for agarose gel DNA extraction by magnetic sorption. Suitable for working with agarose gels based on TAE (Tris/​Acetate/​EDTA) and TBE (Tris/​Borate/​EDTA) buffer solutions. The kit contains no hazardous volatile chemicals, such as chloroform, benzene, phenol, etc.

The purified DNA is suitable for subsequent use in PCR, real-time PCR, restriction, ligation, sample preparation for Sanger and NGS sequencing, and other genetic engineering applications.

The kit is intended for research purposes.


  • DNA size: 70–10000 bp.
  • DNA extraction from all types of agarose.
  • Agarose concentration in the gel up to 3%.
  • DNA fragments release after purification – from 80%.
  • No isopropanol/​ethanol DNA reprecipitation and chloroform-phenol extraction stages.
  • Extraction and purification time – 35 minutes.
схема до очистки при помощи набора реагентов «ALPREP-Gel»
Before purification with «ALPREP-Gel» reagent kit
схема после очистки при помощи набора реагентов «ALPREP-Gel»
After purification with «ALPREP-Gel» reagent kit