NO pyrogens
products for LAL-test

At present, the modern method for determining the pyrogenicity of drugs – the LAL test – is gaining wider use. This method is based on the ability of blood cell components of ancient horseshoe crabs to interact with bacterial endotoxins – the most powerful and widespread pyrogens.

It is critical to use dishes, auxiliary reagents and other accessories that do not contain bacterial endotoxins in the quantities determined in the test, when carrying out the LAL test. All reagents and materials used should not affect the course of the reaction with LAL reagent. This is why it is very important to use cookware and materials that are classified as pyrogen-free.

Self-preparation of dishes and auxiliary materials for the LAL test takes a lot of time and requires preliminary quality control for endotoxins, so it is much more convenient to use ready-made auxiliary materials that have already been tested for the absence of bacterial endotoxins.

For these purposes, we offer test tubes and water for the LAL test. All our products for the LAL test are tested for the absence of bacterial endotoxins by the kinetic chromogenic method, our production is certified according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.