NO antibiotics
kits & test-systems

The section is devoted to ELISA kits for the detection and quantification of antibiotics in food.

We produce solution kits for the determination of the following antibiotics by ELISA:

  • chloramphenicol
  • tetracycline;
  • streptomycin;
  • bacitracin.

Harmful substances, such as antibiotics, are used in livestock and poultry farming as a treatment and prevention of diseases, in plant growing – for processing fruits.

Antibiotics can accumulate in food and enter the human body. Passive use of antibiotics leads to allergies, drug resistance, inhibited micro-flora.

It is important to monitor the level of antibiotic residues in products for the agricultural sector to avoid the negative consequences of antibiotic use.

Test systems manufactured by Algimed Techno LLC are designed for detection and/​or quantification of antibiotic residues in food and raw materials.